How my clients view me 

Clients commonly describe me as warm, open, compassionate and genuine. Below are some client comments

‘You’ve made a huge difference in my life’ M

‘You can read me like a book' D

‘Sometimes it’s so hard to come to counselling, but when I leave, I never regret it’ D

'I feel like that you are the only person I can really open up to. Seeing you every week
makes me so much more positive about the future’ F

'I love the way you challenge me and at times it makes me challenge how I think
when I’m not with you. I really think I’m begging to change.' M

'Sometimes when I think everything is getting on top of me, knowing that I can talk to
you, just gets me through it.'  K

'Everyone judges me, but you actually listen and don't. I need that so much'  R